For Sales Partner
To develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset among the youth and make them capable of generating business.

For Business
To support new and already existing businesses to thrive in their fields.

We will connect the youth of India to different SMEs, MSMEs, and Professionals who want to expand their business in various parts of India. Executive Sales Partners (ESPs) and the Businesses, along with CollabAct, will work together and perform the expansion activities.

CollabAct will find out the best ESPs, who are taught and trained in different aspects like personality, selling skills, attitude and mindset. Simultaneously, we will find the best Businesses - who want to grow and expand their business. And become a mediator, and connect the right company with the right candidate, to work together for development. And ultimately have a Win-Win-Win situation wherein everyone grows.

Transparency in our Operations, Truthfulness in our words, Conviction in our Actions, and Ethics in our Business are our strongest beliefs.

We believe we are responsible for our actions and non-actions. Every stakeholder connected with CollabAct from anywhere is our key partner, and we are committed to their all-around growth.

Limitless contribution is our priority - from one individual to a family, and ultimately towards the nation. Ultimately, we want to become a catalyst in the growth of business in India and the development of the young population.utes to the nation.

To provide an opportunity for Collaboration in Business with zero investment to the individuals from age 18 to 45 years.

To become a catalyst in developing and growing the professional business relationship between enterprisers and businesses.

To create opportunities for knowledge and experience for individuals to develop their capabilities.

To Provide businesses with a solution-oriented platform for growing revenues, increasing market reach, and retaining clients.

We are Proud to Introduce You to our Team

Kartik Shah founder of CollabAct, Life Coach, Business Coach and Human Potential Trainer, Who is also the Art of Living Internation Teacher with an experience of more than 30 years.



Kartik Shah is a Life Coach, an International Human Potential Trainer, the Art of Living Senior Faculty, and a Chemical Engineer. He has a rich experience of more than 25 years with 2,50,000+ people Trained. He is an expert in fostering a growth mindset by unearthing potential and channelizing energy to fulfil professional and personal aspirations.

Rajvi Shah Co-Founder of CollabAct, Creative Director, Content Creater with Masters of Business Administration(MBA) and Social Entrepreneur.



Content creator with Masters in Business Administration, Rajvi has a dynamic & creative approach to life. Passionate, dependable, ambitious, and spiritual are a few among many qualities that she brings to the table. She knows how to invest her time, mind, and energy effectively and efficiently, which turns out to be one of the company's major assets.


Our Advisory Team