It is an online platform. We connect the youth of India - who are interested to do something more than a job, and are willing to earn additional income - with different MSMEs - businesses who want to scale and expand in other geographical locations.

Executives Sales Partners (ESPs) are individuals who are interested in earning an additional income or want to do something more than a job. They are keen to do Freelance Sales work. They have an option of working with not one but more than two businesses.

After joining CollabAct, ESPs are counselled and their unique profile is created on the platform. Collabact offer them unlimited connect opportunities with the Businesses as if, Dealearship without any investment. Then they are associated with established businesses according to their interest and choice. We also provide them skill-based and mindset training.

Businesses have given a lot of time and energy in establishing themselves and their product; what they cannot always focus on; is marketing and sales. Selling is the core activity that generates revenue and is needed for scaling up the business. And for selling, a team with an ownership mindset does wonders.

We CollabAct try to minimise this challenge by providing Commission based sales partners called Executives Sales Partners (ESPs) who will work as an associate and not an employee for selling your product or service in their cities.

No, CollabAct is not a jobbing/staffing company. CollabAct will not help you provide jobs; we have come up with an entirely new concept of Executive Sales Partner (ESP). When you decide to work with us, we do not make you employees of a company. We support you to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and offer an opportunity to work with established businesses as their ESP. With us, you can work in the field you like; and earn a good income according to your sales performance.

Being an ESP is much beyond just doing a job. ESPs are trained to think like an entrepreneur. They have a growth mindset. They embrace challenges, have a learning attitude and take more responsibility and get more freedom. They are not operated by a fixed mindset, who create a glass ceiling for themselves. ESPs do not get a fixed salary; they earn it based on their sales performance and skills. They get, straight away a good commission on each sell they execute, making their earnings limitless.

  • Step - 1: For registering as a Business on our platform you first need to pay the registration amount.

  • Step - 2: You have a consultation meeting where our executive discusses your needs and the commission and tries to understand your business and how CollabAct can help you grow.

  • Step - 3: We frequently organize Online BIM(Business Introductory meeting) with ESP and connection process begins

  • Step - 4: You get ESPs from across India who are passionate about Sales and are interested in working with you.

  • Step - 1: It is a free registration. You click on the Sign up button and register yourself.

  • Step - 2: You get a counselling call, after which your unique profile is created.

  • Step - 3: Online-BIM ( Business Introductory Meeting) with Diffrent businesses, To know more about them so that you can get an idea with which business you would like to work.

  • Step - 4: Decide which business interests you and start working with them.

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Fabric and Textiles
  • Energy & Environment
  • Automobiles & Electric Vehicles
  • Business Services
  • Building, Construction & Home Products
  • Industrial Machinery, Engineering, Manufacturing & Tools
  • Agriculture
  • Hospital & Medical Equipments
  • Franchises

Manufacturers ‚ Core Distributors and Service Provider can register as a Business on CollabAct

ESPs get the commission from CollabAct twice a month - on every 15th and 30th of the month. On each sales Closing, Business Transfers decided percentage commissioned to the platform and CollabAct Transfers to the ESPs Account.

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